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National Business, PR, HR, Marketing, Media, Film, Computer Science, Management, Entrepreneurial, Virtual Internship

The National STEM Honor Society
National Business, Marketing, Media, Film, Computer Science, Management, Entrepreneurial, Virtual Internship
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This unpaid internship can be fulfilled virtually from anywhere around the globe; currently all in-person opportunities are on hold.  
Duration Requirements: Whether the internship is for credit or not, National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM) hires interns for a minimum of 240 total hours with no maximum, and a 4 month (15 hour/week) minimum. We have had interns with us now for as long as two years and are still part of the organization.    
NSTEM was in the development stage for 3+ years and went live in February 2020 with the goal of opening thousands of Chapters across the nation as quickly as possible! Our mission is to inspire innovation and recognize student excellence From K to CareerTM in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - inspiring kids as young as Kindergarten to get involved and stay involved in STEM hopefully for the rest of their education and careers! 
Please visit our website at to really understand NSTEM and the benefits of starting an NSTEM Chapter. Also, please take a look at the National STEM Honor Society social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest!
What are the opportunities to get involved as an intern? What do interns do for the National STEM Honor Society?  The National STEM Honor Society is an educational/business start-up organization that provides interns with interesting, diverse, and stimulating work opportunities unlike most experiences. At NSTEM, you are not limited to just one role, and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles, experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities. Supporting your specific interests and individual learning goals, you will engage in focused learning experiences working on projects essential to the day-to-day operation of our organization where you will receive guidance and resources to apply knowledge and skills to your emerging professional lives. As an intern with National STEM Honor Society, you can perform a myriad of real and meaningful tasks.
  • Marketing, Social Media, & Analytics: The National STEM Honor Society is looking to develop STEM campaigns on a national, targeted basis centered around discussions on STEM access, equity, and support- as well as their relationship to NSTEM’s mission. There are several specific target markets, each with very different characteristics in terms of sending customized, strategic messages employing the correct social media platforms for each target market. Interns will work closely with digital marketing software, including Hootsuite Pro, Canva, and Yoast SEO. Team members can specialize in analyzing social media engagement, developing partnerships and PR strategies, creating appealing digital media for platform sharing, and engaging in an editing/writing process for curated content. Platforms the team manages currently are Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube. In addition, there will be opportunities to learn the ins-and-outs of digital advertising and reach STEM teachers and organizations across the United States. Interns will also work with other teams, including web, video production, and email sending to centralize a sales strategy that reaches potential customers. 
  • Sales & Member Support: Learn how to create an effective sales program, collecting valuable information about clients, and developing a national juggernaut email campaign across the country. We believe that effective selling is helping people make decisions that are good for them. We believe that what we are selling is of great value to our kids and to the future of our country. If you choose to participate in this department of the company, you will be trained by a professional to sell with empathy. We will be adding value to our chapters and people at every opportunity. Engage with different public audiences and learn how to effectively communicate with them while supporting our member Chapters, their members and their administrative teams including Advisors and Directors. Our goal is to have new chapters and for those chapters to sign up for NSTEM year after year after year. In order to do this we need to focus on our existing chapters, to communicate with them often and to add value and satisfaction at every opportunity. 
  • Public Relations (PR): Specialists work closely with our marketing team and are responsible to build and maintain a positive public image for our company. They create media, from press releases to social media messages, that shape public opinion of the company or organization and increase awareness of its brand. They are in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with our Chapters, greater community, interns and staff, and public interest groups by writing press releases and other media communications, and responding to requests for information. Interns will need excellent written and verbal communication skills. Previous experience in handling a press conference is also an advantage.
  • Merchandise: Constantly researching and discovering new merchandise that matches our mission. Merch includes apparel, personalized banners, and recognition items (like pins, cords, certificates). Build relationships with e-commerce experts and fulfillment centers outside of NSTEM and research specific products to maximize profit. Promoting in creative ways our line of merchandise will be a key objective. How can we create video and other exciting content to show off our merchandise while bringing a real level of fun to all involved?  
  • Resources & Partnerships: There are three projects under this department, Resources Collection & Quality Control; Advisory Council Support; and Partnerships. Collectively this department identifies resources, organizations and individuals that can partner our efforts in cross-promotion as NSTEM develops. The Resources Collection & Quality Control team is collecting and evaluating thousands of resources across the country to put on the NSTEM Resource Library. Advisory Council Support is responsible for developing relationships with council prospects for long term growth while Partnerships concentrate their efforts on creating partnerships with like minded organizations. Collectively the department team members work in concert to bring tangible results to our expansion.  
  • Video/Film Production: The National STEM Honor Society is looking to expand its video content. We're seeking interns who are ready to add vital contributions in laying the groundworks for a sustainable, constant flow of high quality, branded content. Interns will work remotely and collaboratively to conceptualize and produce a wide catalogue of NSTEM promotional videos for use on the NSTEM website and social media outlets. The goal is to create a brand that will be the backbone of the company for years to come. Applicants with experience in script writing (formal or informal), visual planning, editing (Premiere/Final Cut/Avid), and animation (digital) are preferred. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud is a plus.
  • Computer Science/Website/Tech Team: NSTEM is built on the Wordpress platform, needing constant updates both coded and not. Our entire social media campaign will be aimed at sending targeted persons to different parts of our website for different desired results. The key result is to increase the number of chapters across the country in record time. We are looking for Innovators, problem solvers and techie geeks to join NSTEM’s Tech Team. Tech team is a group of NSTEM interns that have a knack for technology use and are adept at helping others. These interns are problem solvers and enjoy staying on top of new technologies and best practices that will drive the mission of NSTEM. Tech Team members are able to troubleshoot issues and serve as the front line for tech support issues such as logins and will aid with GSuite apps for our global users. They are able to create helpful learning materials like tutorials and documentation. In addition they support new staff and interns as they onboard. Tech Team members are innovators and come up with ways to expand the knowledge and confidence of all NSTEM’s constituents. Since Tech Team members will be the go-tos for any tech-related questions, they should be naturally curious learners with strong communication skills and possess a willingness to help others. Skills that will be developed include but are not limited to the following: customer service, tech support, Salesforce, GSuite, communication, digital marketing, change management, and user experience such as web design. 
  • Human Resources: Our team specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing team members into teams. They oversee team members and ensure they are being challenged, meeting expectations, enjoying their internships and not overwhelmed. They become specialists in their duties, consult with executives on strategic planning, and act as the constant link between our management team including Directors and Project Managers; they manage our entire presence in the virtual world including all the recruiting platforms. They will be assigned some new roles in the future: planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices; maintain the work structure by updating job info; establishing a refined recruiting and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes; and preparing interns for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.  
  • Business Management: One of the most critical intern positions at NSTEM is becoming a member of the Business Management Team which collaborates on time sensitive and comprehensive decisions that impact the entire organization. They assist the President and CEO in directing all the teams above to maximize output with minimizing effort. Specifically interns in this team will do critical research and writing projects; legal research and implementation of findings; trademark work; work on designing handbooks, business and project plans and how-to guides, and the highest level partnerships.  
Management & Leadership Opportunities: There are many opportunities to take on a leadership position in NSTEM to lead small and large teams on a myriad of projects. We have two main roles, Directors and Project Managers (PM’s). Directors lead divisions or departments that consist of projects, PM’s and team members. Directors also work on Human Resources including managing the entire intern experience from application to offboarding. Project Managers lead individual projects and teams of interns and take a more defined role into each individual project. There is so much to be done in this exciting new venture that we will need leaders to understand our goals and to bring teams together to get results in a highly motivational and quality way. In some instances, new interns are promoted directly to Director or PM roles however in most cases, interns are promoted from within to fulfill these leadership roles.  
Accredited Internship: NSTEM works with colleges and universities to provide an experience that is directly related to desired learning outcomes and will complete all necessary paperwork. NSTEM provides this accredited opportunity by supporting interns in meeting program requirements and agrees to provide written documentation of work performed, recommendations, and evaluations for interns (according to performance standards). In order to offer an internship that complies with federal labor laws, NSTEM adheres to the following conditions:
  1. The intern clearly understands that there is no expectation of compensation, this is an unpaid internship opportunity
  2. NSTEM internships provide training similar to that given in an educational environment
  3. This internship can be tied to intern’s formal education programs by the receipt of academic credit
  4. NSTEM internships accommodate intern’s academic commitments and provide significant educational benefits
  5. The duration of this internship provides beneficial learning for a specified amount of time 
  6. Intern’s work complements, rather than displaces, the work of paid employees
  7. Internships are conducted without entitlement to a paid job at the conclusion of the internship
Volunteer Internship: Additionally, there is a "Volunteer Internship" option in addition to our official internship for academic credit. If an individual is interested in interning with NSTEM but is not tied to formal education, the internship will be classified as a "Volunteer Internship." This option is offered for individuals who are not interested in receiving academic credit but rather the experience at NSTEM.
Intern Goals & Learning Objectives: An intern working for the National STEM Honor Society can expect to meet their academic and learning goals, career exploration, and industry knowledge led by a committed staff providing an experience to meet them:  
  1. Increase knowledge of the industry
  2. Grow leadership skills and learning to manage large projects
  3. Gain experience in adapting to changing roles and environments
  4. Conduct research and practice analytical/quantitative skills
  5. Assertively engage at work, conduct research effectively, write and present professionally, and make business decisions
  6. Understand and implement the roles and responsibilities of Project Managers, which include: 
  7. Track team members’ schedules, tasks, needs, and interests
  8. Gain proficiency with tools such as G Suite, Trello, SmartSheets
  9. Provide a constant flow of work for team members
  10. Establish and use effective communication channels with team members
  11. Treat team members & other managers with kindness, understanding and respect
  12. Organize project materials to achieve outcomes efficiently     
  13. Learn to ramp up quickly on new projects
  14. Lead by example, which means rolling up your sleeves and diving into the project!
NSTEM’s Three Areas of Focus:
  1. Enroll NSTEM Chapters across the nation as quickly as possible by reaching out to educators, education departments and synergistic organizations,
  2. Attract corporate sponsors and foundation grants to provide funding to various NSTEM chapters,
  3. Reach out and attract strategic partners and advisory council members.
Supervision & Mentoring: All interns working for NSTEM will be mentored and supervised by our staff. Directors and Intern/Project Managers offer diverse educational backgrounds and expertise within their respective fields. Staff members provide opportunities for interns to work on projects that align with their learning goals with evaluation and constructive feedback along the way. NSTEM believes that successful internships go hand in hand with enjoyable internships. Staff will personally check-in with you throughout your internship experience and make adjustments as necessary in order to ensure that you achieve your internship goals. Our team is constantly available for interns that work in the office as well as those that work virtually. Staff works with the requirements of colleges and universities in order to provide written feedback according to their specific policies. We work tirelessly to ensure all of our interns get the attention they need in pursuant to their internship goals. Interns also have the opportunity to learn from each other as there is much collaboration between both local and remote interns. 
Being a part of the National STEM Honor Society expansion is an outstanding opportunity to grow your business, entrepreneurship, film production, social media, marketing, sales, service, and outreach capabilities while contributing to a team with the deep purpose of inspiring more STEM into the lives of our students, educators, sponsors, partners and advisory council members. Interns are given the opportunity to make strategic decisions and practice active learning and reflective thinking. They work in diverse teams with other interns, either in the office or through virtual connections. Because of the cooperative nature of NSTEM’s projects, interns are encouraged to form continuing networking relationships with each other. Team building is supported in order to set interns up to thrive in a collaborative environment. After interning at NSTEM, interns have valuable and applicable skills for finding meaningful and productive environmental work gaining valuable work experience in the process.
To learn more about NSTEM: 
Visit our website:
This internship is an unpaid opportunity.